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SSID / WiFi Network Name = Quinns

WiFi Password = steakhouse

WiFi Download Speed = 11.43 Mbps

WiFi Upload Speed = 5.15 Mbps

As close to an authentic Irish pub as you’ll find downtown. Quinn’s offer’s a little bit of charm like that in the old country, with decent WiFi service. You can hide away there all afternoon with a cheeky drink and idle the hours away while responding to work emails. Comfortable and cozy.

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SSID / WiFi Network Name = guest

WiFi Password =No password required *** Careful, they want your email address – See Below ***

WiFi Download Speed = 29.36 Mbps

WiFi Upload Speed = 5.32 Mbps

*** Be careful with this one, he “free” WiFi isn’t as free as it appears. Jack Astors wants you to provide them with your email address and will send you lots of email marketing advertisements. Read this article for more information on “Free” WiFi – ***

Good WiFi in a loud and lively sports bar and grill. WiFi speeds are great, but dont expect to get much work done unless your sitting in the dining room near the back, especially if there’s a game on the massive big screen TV.

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Boxcar Social
March 222017


SSID / WiFi Network Name = Boxcar Social

WiFi Password = boxcarsocial

WiFi Download Speed = 54.98 Mbps

WiFi Upload Speed = 72.02 Mbps

Hipster heaven in the heart of downtown. Its rare to find a WiFi service that has higher upload speeds than download speeds, even more rare at these bandwidths. Sit back with a marathon session of Game Of Thrones seasons 1-6 on Netflix as there’s no buffering on this connection. The best in the area!

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Maezo Restaurant & Bar
March 212017


SSID / WiFi Network Name = Maezo

WiFi Password = naezo123

WiFi Download Speed = 14.26 Mbps

WiFi Upload Speed = 10.75 Mbps

A nice contemporary bar and restaurant that is quiet despite the busy location on Richmond st. Maezo looks to be recently renovated and has a fast WiFi service compared to other businesses in the area.

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3 Brewers
March 212017


SSID / WiFi Network Name = 3_Brewers_WiFi

WiFi Password = No password required

WiFi Download Speed = 2.14 Mbps

WiFi Upload Speed = 2.56 Mbps

Very poor upload and download speeds. It disappointing as the 3 Brewers Adelaide is a nice spot for lunch, after work drinks or dinner.

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Duke Of Westminster
March 202017


SSID / WiFi Network Name = Duke

WiFi Password = Duke123!

WiFi Download Speed = 29.41 Mbps

WiFi Upload Speed = 4.59 Mbps

The ‘Duke’ has that more traditional Pub feel, that is busy without getting too noisy. It draws a crowd of regulars and they play all European Football/Soccer and Rugby matches on TV. Download speed is a respectable 29+ Mbps, and upload speed is on par with similar service in the area. They have done a great job with their outdoor space during the summer, and created a nice patio in the heart of downtown.

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Shark Club
January 82016

A good bar to watch some sports and they do provide free wifi although the speed is so slow websites often timeout before they are loaded. They are also one of those bars that have their owner size of a pint (much smaller than the standard size) and charge the same price as a large.

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Cool British decor, great food, awesome wifi!

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McGugans (closed)

McGugans (closed)

A traditional scottish pub with free wifi

April 122015

This was a good bar to stop at and get some free wifi! Now Closed!

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March 262015

Carries more than 120 varieties of bottled craft beers. Beer menu is endless.


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Stout Irish Pub
March 262015

Enjoy board games with your beer in a warm atmosphere.


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House On Parliament
March 72015

Can get pretty busy here on peak hours so not the best place for wifi. They do have free wifi though. When we came here the password was: 2drinkminimum

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The secret password for free wifi is the phone number: 4168157562

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Scotland Yard Pub
November 302013
Jack Astor’s Front Street
November 172013

Need password

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Firkin On King
November 142013

The password is something like: beerandwings

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The Bier Markt Esplanade
November 132013

When we visited here the wifi was pretty good. Worked on Android phone.

Password: 0123456789

No password is now required as you can login to the network with Facebook or via email.

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Sneaky Dee’s
October 272013

Eternal punk and indie venue plays host to Toronto’s successful diverse acts. The late night Tex-Mex cuisine and cheap beer shares the unpolished vigor of Sneaky’s bands.

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The Richmond Rogue
October 272013


SSID / WiFi Network Name = Richmond Rogue WiFi

WiFi Password = 4168689595

WiFi Download Speed = 31.34 Mbps

WiFi Upload Speed = 9.20 Mbps

Depending on where you sit in the pub, the wifi can be a bit weak. I tested it at the back and it wasn’t too good.

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Prohibition Gastrohouse
October 272013


SID / WiFi Network Name = Prohibition Guest

WiFi Password = myprohibition

WiFi Download Speed = 20.29 Mbps

WiFi Upload Speed = 5.19 Mbps

Swanky speakeasy with dark decor, offering an array of draft beer & a menu of upscale comfort food. Great WiFi speeds with excellent upload and download bandwidths. Sit back and watch the game or stream your Netflix!

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Nice friendly place with cool interior. Open wifi network inside and on the deck.

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