There are some great spots in Toronto to enjoy a well made coffee and enjoy some free high speed Wi-Fi. Here at TOwifi we list over 300 locations on our website and mobile app.

RSquared Cafe

Bright and vibrant atmosphere for a great cup of coffee with good wifi. Plenty of seating to enjoy while making good use of the free Wifi. More information.

RSquared Cafe

Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar

Easy-going and relaxed vibe in a room splashed with industrial decor. More information.


Dark Horse Espresso Cherry Street

Plenty of plug sockets and spacious seating, this is a welcoming spot for wi-fi users looking to pull out a laptop and get online. When we tested the wifi here there were about 10 other people with laptops open likely using the wifi. The Download speed was 8.46 and the upload speed was 8.65 with a latency of 33 ms. More information.

dark horse coffee

The Tampered Press

The Tampered Press was voted as a top ten wifi hotspot in Toronto on Blogto. More information.

tampered press 2

The Good Neighbour

Their flaky French pastries are as good as their coffee. More information.

the good neighbour

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